My Resume

Mathieu Dugue

Junior Software Engineer, 27 years old


Background in coding, I developped a strong knowledge in project management during my years as an independent digital nomad. I am also a fast learner driven by my curiosity.

I can leverage those skills for helping you towards reaching your objectives.

Work Experiences

Python Developper & Machine Learning

2019 - Today

Since September 2019, I’ve been self-learning and practicing Python for Web Backend and Data Science (Deep Learning). I’ve been working on some personal project and following online course which certificates are available here.

  • Learning python development as a backend and in artificial intelligence (pytorch, pandas, numpy, …).
  • Docker, Django, Flask, Heroku.
  • Used AWS cloud services for doing deep learning in production.
  • Writer of my blog

Developper, trader and photographer as a Digital Nomad

2017 - 2019

Digital nomad adventure around the world for 2 years on 4 continents. I learned to travel on my own outside of my comfort zone, while maintaining an activity that enabled me to survive financially. I remember a very rich life experience, which made me radically change my vision of the world and my life goals.

  • Self taught trader in crypto currencies, stocks and indices.
  • I have interest in self development and I regularly challenged myself to become a better version of myself. I stopped smocking, drinking and watching any type of porn (here is an article I wrote about it). I’m also doing meditation and cold shower.
  • Lifestyle photographer activity.
  • I became a certified Yoga teacher in India.

Full Stack Developper

Demooz | 2017

Web developer in a startup. Learning tools and frameworks such as Git and AngularJS. I had a very pleasant start-up experience, with a horizontal hierarchy and an AGILE method.

  • Maintenance, creation and development of functionality for their web app.
  • Unit and functional testing.
  • The stack I’ve been working with was MongoDB / Angular 1.6.x / NodeJS / ExpressJS.

Software & Web Developper

Adveez | 2013 - 2016

3-year work-study program during my engineering school at Adveez.

  • Software development in C++ for managing a proprietary access control system. The software can supervise and visualise all the users access, and get all the system informations.
  • Web app, using react and nodejs, for configuring a hardware system by bluetooth. This system is mounted on airport vehicle for live tracking and access control.



Open Source

Ongoing development