How to Learn efficiently

Learning is a process that is very important to what makes us who we are now. As everything in life, it has been studied, and some method were proven more useful to retain more information, and quicker.

Here I will list everything I found useful while I was learning how to learn.

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The Longevity Diet

A few years ago I got interested in the diet science. I am in my 20s and I’ve never been fat or not healthy, but still I thought that maybe there was ways of anticipating my aging with a better diet. I read a few books and one made lots of sense to me, which I tried to summarize in the following article. It is a book written by Valter Longo about a mimicking fasting diet. The idea is to have the full benefits of a water fasting diet, while still eating specific vegetables that would not prevent the body from getting into starvation mode.

Full disclaimer

I must say that this book, even if it seems to be baked by science, is still a book. All the evidence that Valter Longo shows needs to be replicated and explored more deeply before this can be called a truth. I decided to try it because fasting is not a very dangerous experimentation, but I would recommend anybody reading that article to be cautious and not to take everything said here for absolute truth. Don’t do anything stupid if you are not feeling healthy and talk with your doctor before.

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Traders : Entrez dans la zone


Dans les années 80, l’analyse technique n’était que très peu utilisée, les traders utilisaient plutôt ce que l’on appelle l’analyse fondamentale. Elle consiste à prendre en considération toutes les variables qui peuvent affecter l’équilibre ou le déséquilibre relatif entre l’offre et la demande de toute action, matière première ou instrument financier.

Malheureusement ces modèles tiennent rarement compte des autres traders en tant que variables.

Les analystes fondamentaux pourraient avoir raison sur une prédiction future, mais entre temps les oscillations de prix dûs aux autres traders seront telles qu’il serait très difficile de conserver une position pour atteindre l’objectif.

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Structuring a Python application

In this short article I will explain all the different ways of structuring a Python application, from a quick script to a more complex web application.

Single python file containing all the code

That’s okay for code without dependencies or using a virtual environment. This is generally used for a quick script that doesn’t need complexity in its file structure.

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Create a proxy with a Raspberry Pi 3 (or above)

If you need to use a proxy that has the same IP address as your home, here is a tutorial on how to do it.

Install and configure your Raspberry Pi OS

Install and configure a raspberry pi without a mouse nor a keyboard :

  1. Download the last version of raspbian lite here and download Etcher which we will use to flash the disk image on the SD card.
  2. Start Elena, select the Raspbian Lite imake disk, select the target which is the SD card you use for your raspberry pi and click on Flash!.

While the image disk is getting installed, we will create the file that contains the wifi information so the raspberry can connect to it automatically. Open a text note and paste this inside :

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How to cancel a pending ethereum transaction with MetaMask

Having a pending transaction can be quite annoying and usually happens when the network is heavy loaded and the fees are sky rocketing. Your transaction may have a too low gas fee and miner are just ignoring it to prefer others transaction with higher fees.

This result in you being stuck because until that transaction is resolved you cannot send any other transaction. Annoying right ?

Let’s dive right in on how to fix this !

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Please Don’t Say Just Hello In Chat

2010-07-19 12:32:12 you: Hi
2010-07-19 12:32:15 co-worker: Hello.
2010-07-19 12:34:01 you: I'm working on [something] and I'm trying to do [etc...]
2010-07-19 12:35:21 co-worker: Oh, that's [answer...]

It’s as if you called someone on the phone and said “Hi!” and then put them on hold!

Please do this instead:

2010-07-19 12:32:12 you: Hi -- I'm working on [something] and I'm trying to do [etc...]
2010-07-19 12:33:32 co-worker: [answers question]

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Create a blog with Pelican, hosted on Github/Netlify

I hope this article / tutorial will give you the essential knowledge and steps to create and deploy your Pelican static blog on Netlify for free !


  • Install Pelican
  • Create a website running on Pelican
  • Deploy a Pelican based site to


  • Basic knowledge about git and python
  • Python 3 and git installed on your workstation
  • VSCode or other IDE

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Why does porn grills men’s brain ?

Beyond this catchy title hides a reality unfortunately similar. Before explaining why, let’s do a quick history of this particular cinematographic art.

Before talking about cinema, eroticism and pornography have been the focus of novels since the very beginning of writing. Whether through representations of the sexual act, desire and its many signs, this genre has always attracted interest over the centuries.

But what is an erotic book?

A text that arouses excitement to read?

It is a very subjective definition, a simple poetry can awaken some enthusiasts but leave others of marble.

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Create a blog using Nikola static website generator

If you don’t know what is Nikola, it is a static website/blog generator (like gatsby and other tools). It’s written in Python and it is working out of the box for rendering markdown, rst, latex math formula and jupyter notebook files.

I like to understand what I am using, and pushing it to some limits to really get what I want from it, and making a blog with Nikola was no exception. Here I tried to summarize all the informations I found, and all the experimentation I did. I hope you’ll enjoy ! 🙏🏼

1) Installation

The first step is to have Python 3 installed on your computer, I recommend using virtual environment management.

Once you have create your virtual environment :

pip install --upgrade pip setuptools wheel
pip install --upgrade "Nikola[extras]"

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